Welcome to my world. 

This is my personal blog.

I started this blog with a sole purpose – to help more people achieve success.

Yes, i know it is very cliche, but let me tell you. This is really a website to help people achieve success, because I achieved my success by reading and learning about success from other websites as well.

Why am I doing this? 

I have come to a point in my life, at the amount of success I achieved today, it becomes boring. I have lost my drive to achieve more success. I’ve contemplated of giving up all I have achieved, and hide in some corners of the world. I thought of that, but again, what’s the point of doing that, if I can go on to help others instead?

Success is a dream for many people, even after they have died. I’m quite fortunate to be able to achieve all these before 30. I can say my life is amazing. But you know what? If I can help another person who is struggling to achieve the same level of success, I will get a sense of satisfaction money can’t buy.

That feeling is what I want.

I will share more about my purpose on my first blog post.

Update: first post up!

How am I doing this? 

I’m not that success preacher you see on TV or on the street. In fact, I’m just an introvert like most of you. I don’t like to go on stage to shout my success. I prefer to stay simple, buy simply, and even better, stay low key. I don’t have a need to flaunt my wealth, because if I really need to show, I can say it’s quite a lot.

That is why I create his website.

A website where I can share my success stories in words. A blog where I can share my thoughts openly without holding back. A blog where anyone from any where in the world can just read and learn about success when they login to the internet.

In this blog, I will also share tips and strategies about living a purposeful live. A life where you succeed in all areas – health, wealth, mindset, and many others.

This is what i want to bring to the world.

I hope you can join me in helping the world succeed.

Follow me on my journey.

My name is David Waraku.

Nice to meet you.