If Learning Music Won’t Make Your Money, will you still learn?

Yes, i talk about investing in yourself.

I always believe in that.

If you want to be a good public speaker, you got to learn how to do public speaking first.

If you want to learn how to invest, you have to invest time and money to learn.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to invest time to learn from someone successful.

You see, for the examples above, the investment makes lots of sense.

If you do well in public speaking, you will speak better, communicate better, lead better. You will get promoted in your job, or you can get paid for doing public speeches.

If you know how to invest, you put $100, and you get $500 in return. 500% ROI. That’s great right? So learning how to invest definitely pays off well!

If you know how to start a business, you can start more and more successful businesses and make more money!

Now… let me give you a scenario.

Let’s say you always have a deep admiration for musicians, where you love the music they play, and you love to be able to play music one day.

Is learning music worth the investment in yourself?

Learning music has costs as well. You can learn for free on Youtube, but you can be wasting tons of hours watching videos and still lost about placing your fingers on the piano. You can read books, watch how pianists play… and finally play 1 song after 3 years.

Or you can google for “piano lessons Singapore” and find a professional and qualified private piano teacher to guide you step by step how to play the piano.  You pay for the lesson fees. The teacher teaches you right from the beginning, the basics, the foundation, till you can read notes and play songs yourself.

Oh great! Now you can play the piano!

But… you can’t really go out and perform and charge a fee. You can’t really go out to teach yet, unless you continue further your education until you complete Grade 8 and above, and be a piano teacher.

So what it means here… is whatever amount of money you invested in your piano lessons, can’t really be earned back in dollars that easily, like investing, or entrepreneurship.

So is it still worth it go for music lessons?


Because here’s the thing.

Not everything in life is measured by dollars and cents. Not everything you put in $1, will return you $2. It doesn’t mean you put in $1000, you will get lots of return back you in life.

Life is not a straight line.

But that doesn’t mean your investment in musical skills is wasted!

You get back your investment returns, but your returns are not in dollars! Which is fine as well, because what you will get back, will be way more than the dollars!

It is found that people who learns music has less tendency to do bad things – like commit crimes, take drugs, go into bullying, or disobey parents. More of them turn out to be better citizens.

People who learn music are also more disciplined and more responsible. This two traits are important if you want to be successful in life as well. And how can you teach those in schools via textbook? It’s impossible! But you get to inculcate that via music. 

Music teachers will emphasize and emphasize the importance of practicing in order to play a song well. When you’re learning music, you are training your patience and discipline level.

And last but not least, people who plays music can control their emotions and stress better. Life is not life without music. While others vent their frustration on others, or on beer, musicians vent it out on music.

Either by playing heavy metal songs, or fast music to get their emotions high or release their tensions, or play sad melodious songs to reflect their low feelings. As such, they can handle their emotions better than others too.

So go out there and enjoy learning music. Forget the immediate ROI. Because learning music gives you infinite ROI.

Are public speakers successful?

Image result for Are public speakers successfulSuccess of any public speaker cannot simply be gauged based on the thickness of the crowd being addressed. There are sundry reasons and factors which need to be considered and accounted for before we write off specific public speaker.

The utmost importance and relevance is attached to the topic being chosen and delivered. Most of the time it does happen with us that we chose a wrong topic, attend the session and blame it on to the public speaker citing unruly reasons.

Success cannot be measured through the lens of number of sessions delivered by someone in a given period of time. There is no yardstick to check if someone is really successful or unsuccessful.  Public speaking is, by large, a medium through which a topic is initiated by one person and then all jump into the well to discuss further and analyze.

Public speaking is still a voluntary affair where someone willingly comes forward to talk about something and share with the wider audience. There are few exceptions for sure like in the IT world where different MNCs organize events like “Open World Seminar”, “IT Tech Space” where good speakers like Trainer Benjamin Loh from across the globe are invited to share their experience and viewpoint to the interested audience. Of course they are paid and the audience members do discuss about the seminar being good or bad. The latest survey conducted through these worldwide seminars concluded that the participants who attended one or many sessions in these events, they never had any complaints from the speakers ever, rather they had some disliking with respect to the topic or the content of it.

So, in a way, if you look at the survey output then you would find that public speaking is an art of engaging with the audience and they can never go wrong because they themselves go through many stage performances in their career before reaching to this point. It is just the choice of the content and the agenda which makes people go awry and think otherwise. Public speaking training courses are very effective in enhancing your skills.

Good orators and known public speakers around the globe are successful not because they were able to always deliver a good session or make the session very intriguing but because they chose their content carefully and arrange the matter in a such a way that it could build on it by itself the way session progressed.

Good public speakers are always successful and hence they draw large crowds in their sessions. See this video to boost your confidence:

How to be Successful in Learning the Guitar

Image result for Learning the Guitar

The guitar is known to be one of the best instruments that is available right now. Aside from the fact that it is handy and portable, a lot of people consider the guitar as easy to play. It also helps that it can produce beautiful music that you would love to listen to for a long period of time. There are a lot of people who aim to learn the guitar every day. It does not matter whether they are young or old, everyone can learn how to play the guitar.

There are some people who choose to learn how to play with the help of guitar teachers Singapore. It can be easier this way because they can be properly guided with the basics. They will not progress to the next step until such time when they are ready. Still, it would be up to you if you want to learn on your own too as this is also possible. The important thing is that you will be successful in playing the guitar.

Here are some steps that you can follow so that you will become more successful in playing this classic instrument:

  1. Make sure that you will allot time to practice. There is a big difference when you make an effort to practice as compared to just playing the guitar whenever you feel like it or whenever you are forced by your teacher to do so.
  2. Be motivated in playing the guitar. One of the main reasons why you do not want to play the guitar anymore is because you are not motivated anymore. You have to be prepared that there are times when you would spend so much time on playing the guitar that you will end up having calluses. This is all part of the things that you will experience. Embrace it and all of your effort will pay off in the end.
  3. Remember that you have to learn how to play in time. You may be playing the chords too fast that the song can be barely understood. There is also a possibility that your chord changes are not that smooth yet and people can hear them immediately. As long as you would truly listen to how the song should be played then you can become better in playing the guitar.

Gain more details about how to be successful in playing the guitar here:

The tips that are mentioned above are all meant to make your guitar playing successful. Can you still think of a few more tips that you wish to share? Feel free to share your thoughts.

How to motivate yourself to study

There is a possibility that you have tried looking at your book but the lure of the Internet just seems to make you want to check your social networking sites instead of studying. You know that you have to study but you cannot help but want to stop for a while and just browse online or play. Do you want to get motivated so that you can study better?

At times, you may be interested to study depending on the subject. Some people do not like to study math so much because of the negative things that are associated with Math. You may want to check out the articles on my website so that you can enroll and start studying more. Do you still need to have some motivation so that you can study?

Here are ways on how you can keep yourself motivated:

Want to know more about how you can study? Here may be some of the tips that you have to remember:

  1. Make sure that you have enough space to study. One of the main reasons why you are unable to study is because you do not know where you are going to place your books and your laptop. If you already have the right place to study, you know that you will become more motivated. It will also help if it is not noisy.
  2. Focus on the study materials that you may have. If you would need highlighters, pens, paper and other school supplies, you may need some great study materials that will help you become motivated. Pick out the school supplies yourself so you do not have to worry.
  3. Have enough water and snacks. Whenever you feel tired, you can drink water so that you will feel motivated.
  4. Stop using your smartphone. One of the main reasons why you are finding it hard to study is because there are so many distractions. If ever there are still other things that are distracting you from different things, you can stop those things as well.
  5. Make sure that you have a goal in mind when you like to study. Once you achieve that goal, you will feel better because you will feel that you have accomplished something properly.

You have to remember that when you make studying your hobby, you will become more motivated to study more often. If you would prepare yourself for tests then you can expect that you will have better grades afterwards.

Investing In Your Own Knowledge – Do You Do That?

It’s my first post here.

And I want to make a clear statement before I share more about success strategies.

It is always common to read about people making lots of money doing business, or in investment, or in whatever they do. And people outside always think that these people are somehow very talented, for with gifted talents that only they has, or they are just ‘lucky’.

But you know something?

All these successful people are just ordinary people.

Take a look at this list – the richest people in Singapore.

These people are really rich. They are wealthy. But society standards, they are living the dream life of many people.

But don’t forget all these people are just normal human beings. They work hard like us. They have 24 hours like us!

But what makes them successful?

They invest in knowledge to create wealth.

They know that the best investment that they can make, is not the stocks of other companies, or properties, or gold, of whatever other common investment tools.

It is their own knowledge.

They know that if they invest in their own knowledge, they acquire skills to create wealth, they will reap returns of more than 1000% folds in their lives. These skills will stay with them for years to come. These skills will help them generate more revenue, with superb ROI, higher than any other financial instrument out there.

So the thing is, are you willing to invest in your own knowledge?

Oh, and I’m not talking about attending college. It’s more than that!

You need to improve yourself as a person. I’m talking about the overall personal well-being. There are so many areas you can improve on – Wealth, Health, Mindset, Investment, Finances, and so many more. Many of these knowledge cannot be found in school, and they are not taught (and this is why you wonder our society is not progressing!)

Which such a huge gap in success, wealth, health and mindset education in the market out there, I have set out to fill this gap. And this is what my success blog is about. I want to share with more people strategies about success. It doesn’t matter where they come from, what background they had. I believe Anyone, Anyone can achieve success in their lives.

If you are keen to learn more about success, do follow me on my blog.

I’m David Waraku.

Nice to meet you.