Investing In Your Own Knowledge – Do You Do That?

It’s my first post here.

And I want to make a clear statement before I share more about success strategies.

It is always common to read about people making lots of money doing business, or in investment, or in whatever they do. And people outside always think that these people are somehow very talented, for with gifted talents that only they has, or they are just ‘lucky’.

But you know something?

All these successful people are just ordinary people.

Take a look at this list – the richest people in Singapore.

These people are really rich. They are wealthy. But society standards, they are living the dream life of many people.

But don’t forget all these people are just normal human beings. They work hard like us. They have 24 hours like us!

But what makes them successful?

They invest in knowledge to create wealth.

They know that the best investment that they can make, is not the stocks of other companies, or properties, or gold, of whatever other common investment tools.

It is their own knowledge.

They know that if they invest in their own knowledge, they acquire skills to create wealth, they will reap returns of more than 1000% folds in their lives. These skills will stay with them for years to come. These skills will help them generate more revenue, with superb ROI, higher than any other financial instrument out there.

So the thing is, are you willing to invest in your own knowledge?

Oh, and I’m not talking about attending college. It’s more than that!

You need to improve yourself as a person. I’m talking about the overall personal well-being. There are so many areas you can improve on – Wealth, Health, Mindset, Investment, Finances, and so many more. Many of these knowledge cannot be found in school, and they are not taught (and this is why you wonder our society is not progressing!)

Which such a huge gap in success, wealth, health and mindset education in the market out there, I have set out to fill this gap. And this is what my success blog is about. I want to share with more people strategies about success. It doesn’t matter where they come from, what background they had. I believe Anyone, Anyone can achieve success in their lives.

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I’m David Waraku.

Nice to meet you.