If Learning Music Won’t Make Your Money, will you still learn?

Yes, i talk about investing in yourself.

I always believe in that.

If you want to be a good public speaker, you got to learn how to do public speaking first.

If you want to learn how to invest, you have to invest time and money to learn.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to invest time to learn from someone successful.

You see, for the examples above, the investment makes lots of sense.

If you do well in public speaking, you will speak better, communicate better, lead better. You will get promoted in your job, or you can get paid for doing public speeches.

If you know how to invest, you put $100, and you get $500 in return. 500% ROI. That’s great right? So learning how to invest definitely pays off well!

If you know how to start a business, you can start more and more successful businesses and make more money!

Now… let me give you a scenario.

Let’s say you always have a deep admiration for musicians, where you love the music they play, and you love to be able to play music one day.

Is learning music worth the investment in yourself?

Learning music has costs as well. You can learn for free on Youtube, but you can be wasting tons of hours watching videos and still lost about placing your fingers on the piano. You can read books, watch how pianists play… and finally play 1 song after 3 years.

Or you can google for “piano lessons Singapore” and find a professional and qualified private piano teacher to guide you step by step how to play the piano.  You pay for the lesson fees. The teacher teaches you right from the beginning, the basics, the foundation, till you can read notes and play songs yourself.

Oh great! Now you can play the piano!

But… you can’t really go out and perform and charge a fee. You can’t really go out to teach yet, unless you continue further your education until you complete Grade 8 and above, and be a piano teacher.

So what it means here… is whatever amount of money you invested in your piano lessons, can’t really be earned back in dollars that easily, like investing, or entrepreneurship.

So is it still worth it go for music lessons?


Because here’s the thing.

Not everything in life is measured by dollars and cents. Not everything you put in $1, will return you $2. It doesn’t mean you put in $1000, you will get lots of return back you in life.

Life is not a straight line.

But that doesn’t mean your investment in musical skills is wasted!

You get back your investment returns, but your returns are not in dollars! Which is fine as well, because what you will get back, will be way more than the dollars!

It is found that people who learns music has less tendency to do bad things – like commit crimes, take drugs, go into bullying, or disobey parents. More of them turn out to be better citizens.

People who learn music are also more disciplined and more responsible. This two traits are important if you want to be successful in life as well. And how can you teach those in schools via textbook? It’s impossible! But you get to inculcate that via music. 

Music teachers will emphasize and emphasize the importance of practicing in order to play a song well. When you’re learning music, you are training your patience and discipline level.

And last but not least, people who plays music can control their emotions and stress better. Life is not life without music. While others vent their frustration on others, or on beer, musicians vent it out on music.

Either by playing heavy metal songs, or fast music to get their emotions high or release their tensions, or play sad melodious songs to reflect their low feelings. As such, they can handle their emotions better than others too.

So go out there and enjoy learning music. Forget the immediate ROI. Because learning music gives you infinite ROI.